HRD: BORE Pierre-Emmanuel
World: Between 1000 and 2500 employees
France: Between 1000 and 2500 employees, Between 20 and 100 trainees

Global score

4.2 /5
based on 27 Kronenbourg trainees reviews

Recommendation rate - trainees

* Anonymous information provided by trainees.
HappyTrainees method developped in partnership with Université Paris 2

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Professional progression
I have developed useful new skills and know-how
I feel that this experience contributes positively to my professional project
I have been able to learn from experienced colleagues
Stimulating environment
I felt quickly integrated into the culture of my company / organisation
I believe that my company/organisation is innovative
I find that our work is efficiently organized and respects my personal balance
I feel encouraged in my efforts
I understand clearly what is expected of me
I feel encouraged in my efforts
I receive regular and constructive feedback on my work
I feel committed to my mission
I feel that I am trusted to do my job well
I feel that I have the means to succeed in what I am asked to do
I would like to be hired by this company
I would recommend this company to others for an internship/ apprenticeship / VIE
I believe that my salary is competitive compared to interns at other companies
Fun / Pleasure
I find meaning in what I do
I find my work energizing and engaging
I appreciate the quality of the relationships (accessibility, sincerity, collaboration) that I develop at work
Time seems to fly when I'm at work