Netatmo is all about the Smart Home!

- Manage your house’s heating from our connected Thermostat, designed with Philippe Starck

- Detect intruders and pesky animals wandering your garden with our cameras embedding artificial intelligence and image processing

- Control your home’s lights and electrical sockets using our products designed with Legrand

- Access the largest personal weather station network on earth from our world map of connected sensors

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Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm
Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren
Netatmo Smart Door And Window Sensors
Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera
Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera
Netatmo Smart Radiator Valve
Netatmo Smart Thermostat
Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station
Why are Netatmo products special?
What evolutions are there to come?
What is the vision for the smart home?
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