Ther'e more to life at Nestlé
Créé il y a 150 ans par Henri Nestlé, Nestlé est aujourd'hui le premier groupe alimentaire mondial spécialisé dans la Nutrition, Santé, Bien-être.
La mission au quotidien du Groupe Nestlé est de proposer aux consommateurs, à travers une large gamme de produits, des repères fiables et durables en termes de nutrition, de plaisir, de qualité et de sécurité.
le Groupe Nestlé est aujourd’hui présent dans plus de 130 pays. Nestlé commercialise plus de 10 000 types de produits fabriqués dans près de 449 sites industriels répartis dans plus de 80 pays.
La France est le second marché du groupe Nestlé dans le monde.

CEO: Richard Girardot
HRD: Philippe Mathoulin
World: More than 5000 employees, More than 500 trainees
France: More than 5000 employees, Between 100 and 500 trainees
Romania: Between 20 and 100 trainees
Poland: Between 20 and 100 trainees
Portugal: Between 20 and 100 trainees
Russian Federation: Between 100 and 500 trainees
Ukraine: Between 20 and 100 trainees
Turkey: Between 20 and 100 trainees
Lebanon: Less than 20 trainees
Serbia: Less than 20 trainees
Iran, Islamic Republic Of: Less than 20 trainees
Algeria: Less than 20 trainees
Switzerland: Between 100 and 500 trainees
Belgium: Between 20 and 100 trainees
Egypt: Between 20 and 100 trainees
Spain: Between 20 and 100 trainees
Greece: Less than 20 trainees
United Kingdom: Between 20 and 100 trainees
United Arab Emirates: Less than 20 trainees

Global score

4.1 /5
* Anonymous information provided by employees.
HappyAtWork method developped in partnership with Université Paris 2

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Professional development
I have the impression that I continually learn and progress
I can see how my career path could develop in my organisation (projects, promotion, mobility)
I feel that my job and responsibilities correspond well to my skills/ talents
I feel that I do my job well
Stimulating environment
I think that my company / organisation is innovative
I am satisfied with the way I can organize my professional and personal responsibilities
I feel that I am trusted to do my job
I enjoy the ambiance at work
Motivation & Management
I understand clearly how my performance is evaluated
I see the impact of my work with respect to the company’s performance
I have the resources to achieve my objectives
I feel committed to my mission and my responsibilities
Recognition & Rewards
I feel that my salary / remuneration corresponds to my job and my responsibilites
I think that my efforts are recognized and encouraged
I have good benefits
I would recommend my company/ organisation to friends as a good place to work
I trust my company's executive management (exemplarity, competence)
I am proud of our products and services
Fun / Pleasure
I find real pleasure in my everyday work
I appreciate the quality of the relationships (accessibility, sincerity, collaboration) that I develop at work
I find meaning in what I do