General Electric

  • GE is the world’s Digital Industrial Company, transforming industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive
  • GE is organized around a global exchange of knowledge, the "GE Store," through which each business shares and accesses the same technology, markets, structure and intellect
  • Each invention further fuels innovation and application across our industrial sectors
  • With people, services, technology and scale, GE delivers better outcomes for customers by speaking the language of industry
  • Turbines et moteurs a vapeur et a gaz
  • Materiel a ultrasons, a ultraviolets, a infrarouges et de radiologie pour applications biologiques et medicales
  • Materiel medical et chirurgical
  • Materiel et instruments pour laboratoires medicaux
  • Materiel medical et chirurgical (suite)
  • Materiel pour hopitaux et pour cabinets medicaux, veterinaires et dentaires (commerce)
  • Entreprises de financement, valeurs
  • Affacturage
  • Services auxiliaires pour les entreprises
  • Renseignements commerciaux et recouvrements de creances
  • Assurance-credit
  • Location longue duree, location courte duree, credit-bail et cession-bail financiers
  • Materiel a ultrasons, a ultraviolets, a infrarouges et de radiologie pour applications industrielles et scientifiques
  • Produits chimiques pour le traitement des eaux
  • Produits anti-corrosion, anti-mousse, antioxydants, antistatiques et antigels
  • Services techniques pour l'environnement
  • Bouillons de culture, solutions pour culture de cellules fraiches
  • Bacteries
  • Caoutchouc, resines synthetiques, latex et precurseurs (suite)
  • Fongicides, insecticides, bactericides, produits anti-nuisibles (suite)
  • Detergents, produits de nettoyage et de blanchiment
  • Produits chimiques pour le traitement de surface des metaux
  • Produits chimiques pour usages divers nda
  • Materiel d'essais et d'analyses pour les industries agroalimentaire, chimique, pharmaceutique et cosmetique
  • Filtres
  • Filtres (suite)
  • Materiel pour le traitement de l'eau, des eaux usees domestiques et des effluents industriels
  • Traitement chimique des surfaces metalliques en sous-traitance
  • Revetement, metallisation et traitement chimique des matieres plastiques et du caoutchouc en sous-traitance
  • Conseil en environnement
  • Conseil en environnement (suite)
  • Services environnementaux NDA
  • Conseils en ingenierie pour les constructions mecaniques
  • Produits pharmaceutiques (commerce)
  • Services bancaires
  • Materiel electrique et electronique pour usages industriels
  • Batteries (commerce)
  • Materiel de mesure et de controle (commerce)
  • Societes de participation/holding
  • Materiel d'essais pour metaux
  • Materiel pour essais de structure
  • Materiel electrique et electronique d'essais
  • Instruments electriques et electroniques de mesure et de controle pour applications diverses
  • Materiel pour essais statiques et de traction
  • Materiel d'essais pour materiaux et produits nda (suite)
  • Instruments mecaniques de verification
  • Instruments de mesure et d'essais electriques et electroniques nda
  • Services immobiliers et fonciers
  • Ordinateurs, peripheriques et materiels auxiliaires (commerce)
  • Instruments mecaniques de mesure et de controle de la pression
  • Manometres
  • Manometres (suite)
  • Materiel de mesure et de controle de debit
  • Materiel electronique industriel
  • Materiel de mesure et de controle de niveau pour liquides
  • GE Energy Services Engineering has more than 2200 engineers in 45 locations within 19 countries
  • We spend more than $1 million every day on NPI development
  • We lead in technology fields from turbine and generator technology to sensors, controls, meters, filtration products, monitoring, software products, and many others
  • We develop products from energy exploration and production, transmission and distribution right through to end-user metering.

CEO: Corinne de Bilbao
HRD: Agnés Bensoussan Plainfosse
World: More than 5000 employees
France: More than 5000 employees, More than 500 trainees

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Fun / Pleasure
I find meaning in what I do
Fun / Pleasure
I appreciate the quality of the relationships (accessibility, sincerity, collaboration) that I develop at work
Professional development
I feel that my job and responsibilities correspond well to my skills/ talents
Stimulating environment
I feel that I am trusted to do my job
Stimulating environment
I am satisfied with the way I can organize my professional and personal responsibilities
Recognition & Rewards
I have good benefits
Stimulating environment
I believe that we have innovative ways of working (collaboration, facilities, processes, decision-making, tools,...)
I am proud of our products and services
Motivation & Management
I have the resources to achieve my objectives
I would recommend my company / organisation to friends as a good place to work
Fun / Pleasure
I find real pleasure in my everyday work
Professional development
I can see how my career path could develop in my company / organisation (projects, promotion, mobility)
Motivation & Management
I see the impact of my work with respect to the company’s performance
I trust my company's executive management (exemplarity, competence)
Recognition & Rewards
I feel that my salary / remuneration corresponds to my job and my responsibilites
Motivation & Management
I understand clearly how my performance is evaluated
Recognition & Rewards
I think that my efforts are recognized and encouraged
Professional development
I have the impression that I continually learn and progress
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  • Research & Development / Market Research - 18.4%
  • Administration - 16.3%
  • Production / Manufacturing - 16.3%
  • Customer and personal services - 16.3%
  • Logistics / Supply Chain - 8.2%
  • General Management - 8.2%
  • Banking / Insurance/ Accounting - 8.2%
  • Trade / Sales - 8.2%
What is your overall level of professional experience?
  • 6 - 10 years - 57.1%
  • 0 - 2 years - 26.5%
  • 11 - 20 years - 16.3%