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What did you like the MOST about your recruitment process?

Fast and simple, first contact by phone.

What did you like the LEAST about your recruitment process?

Multiplication of the stages: 3 interviews on 3 different dates.

Of the questions that you were asked during your interviews, which ones did you find the most interesting ?


Comment se passe le processus de recrutement ? Comment se déroulent les entretiens ?

The process consists of 2 steps: 1- You will have a first contact with an HR of the profession for which you are applying to discuss your motivations, your career and your expectations. 2- If this interview is validated, you meet for a second interview the manager who will supervise you during the mission. We are looking for people with a strong appetite for challenge and commitment in line with our ambitions. To refine your project, do not hesitate to come and talk with us on our Facebook fan page "Danone jobs" and watch the job videos on the Jobteaser website.