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Responsibility entrusted fairly quickly Confidence of managers and project managers

Quels sont les profils ou personnalités recherchés ?

We recruit engineers or equivalent university education. NetXP is a consultancy firm with a strong technical component, we pay particular attention to the technical skills of the candidates but also to their expertise. A strong sympathy, an ability to stand back and work in a team are also part of our recruitment criteria. English is also an essential element in our business since many of our clients are present internationally. To summarize, we are looking for versatile candidates with a strong taste for technical and / or project management.

Comment se passe le processus de recrutement ? Comment se déroulent les entretiens ?

The recruitment process consists of two interviews: A first interview to assess the coherence of the candidate's career, his professional project and his skills. At the end of the first interview, a qcm is submitted to the candidate to validate a first degree of technicality. If the first interview is positive, the candidate is then invited to a second interview with two of our partners in order to evaluate much more in-depth his technical background. A case study will then be proposed to judge his ability to step back on a given problem.