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At Theodo, we build tailored software that solve our clients most complex problems.

We bring our technology know-how and startup culture to accelerate change within the companies we work with. Applications we crafted help cities save water, athletes finance their way to the Olympics, investment professionals gain positions on their markets and more.

We specialise in building your tailor-made, scalable web applications in record time, using opensources frameworks like Symfony, Angular, React and Node.
We dedicate ourselves fully to the success of our clients, working as partners.

Theodo has been in Deloitte's Top 50 growing companies for the last 3 years and in Happy At Work top 3 for more than a year.

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Business Developer et Scrum Master à Theodo
Theodo en Madrid
Développeur agile web et mobile Theodo

What do you like the MOST about your company?

The kindness, intelligence and humor of people

What do you like the LEAST about your mission?

to be a box of services, want to choose his projects

What do you like the MOST about your mission?

the variety of interactions, missions, projects, etc.

What do you like the LEAST about your company?

context switching

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