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  • In only 2 years, Meero has managed to take innovation to its highest level utilizing artificial intelligence in imaging
  • In most cases for a one-hour photo shoot, the photographer spends 4 hours at home doing the editing
  • A concern we have now solved! We succeeded in materializing image editing to define what is beautiful and what is not and to ultimately rework in seconds what takes hours to anyone of us
  • Our machine learning algorithms allow for accelerated delivery, high scalability and standardized quality, helping companies sell more with inspiring realistic photographs
  • We use this technology to offer our services through a network of international photographers in over one hundred countries to big players such as Airbnb, Just Eat, Expedia, Trivago, Uber, etc
  • In just 24 months, Meero has grown to 450 employees and remains in full expansion! We closed a $18 million series A in August 2017 and have just closed a $45 million series B in order to build one of the largest AI centers in Paris whilst expanding operations globally on new verticals
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