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What did you like the MOST about your recruitment process?


What did you like the LEAST about your recruitment process?

call for a preliminary interview following the submission of the CV: first call of the HR, I was absent, she leaves me a message, I remember it, she does not answer ... 4 times in a row in the same week, no answer it reminds me of a Friday 16h without warning me to ask questions, this call was revealed as a pre-selection: what are you looking for, why Mc2i, your course. As I missed her call several times and had a hard time reaching her, I dropped out and answered so she could have told me so that I could not be prepared or have time to isolate myself at least ! a week later, call for news, no response to 3 calls, I receive an hour after a refusal email. given the speed of response by email, I guess she just did not want to answer me verbally result: RH risky, stammering, telephone interview without appointment beforehand, no way to join the HR when it is missed call what professionalism. Unattractive missions according to my comrades hired there.

What did you like the MOST about your recruitment process?

nothing, no professionalism on the part of HR