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Of the questions that you were asked during your interviews, which ones did you find the most interesting ?

What do you know about SFAM?

What did you like the LEAST about your recruitment process?

The time it took to have a service.

What did you like the MOST about your recruitment process?

The warm welcome of the two people who was present at my service.

What did you like the LEAST about your recruitment process?

An indecent delay of the recruiter who did not bother to apologize, a clear lack of professionalism and skills of HR. A blatant dishonesty to a recruiter who lies brazenly. And finally, the hardest part, a description of the swollen earnings that could deserve that the repression of frauds looks at the subject (yes posted earnings do not exist!). Simple scam job offer, I had never seen that before. My impression is that all these benefits offered to the employee, such as bling-bling seminars or the corporate restaurant for example, are there to make the media more flattering than to really satisfy the employee, but I could be wrong. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR JOB FOR A SALARY IN THIS COMPANY!