The company

Name Netatmo
Address 93 Rue Nationale, 92100 BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT
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Key figures

Creation year 2 011
Number of employees 200
Location Boulogne-Billancourt
Activity sectors IoT, Smart Home, Consumer Electronics


Company presentation

Netatmo is all about the Smart Home!

  • Manage your house’s heating from our connected Thermostat, designed with Philippe Starck. 
  • Detect intruders and pesky animals wandering your garden with our cameras embedding artificial intelligence and image processing. 
  • Control your home’s lights and electrical sockets using our products designed with Legrand. 
  • Access the largest personal weather station network on earth from our world map of connected sensors 

It all started in 2011, in 5 little rooms in Boulogne-Billancourt, with 11 engineers and the world’s first connected Weather Station.

Since then we’ve come a long way…

With an international team of 200 driven, inspired and passionate people, having doubled in size every year and raised over 40M€ in venture capital, Netatmo has established itself as a pioneer in the Smart Home market. Our IoT devices are sold online and by retailers all over the world. Our 4 product categories have won handfuls of CES awards, and we’re now collaborating with giant building construction companies such as Groupe Muller, Velux and Legrand to share with them our product expertise and work together to revolutionize your homes.

And we’ve still got a long way to go…

Ambitious and motivated, with many more groundbreaking inventions in the pipeline, we are searching for new people to join us.


Targeted profiles

Whether you sell or market, whether you prefer finance or management, you’ll be able to find your place within one of our top-notch teams. We are looking for talented people in a wide range of areas from the engineering field but as well for our business teams: communication, human resources, finance,…

Offers (internships)

- Internship - Public Relations

- Internship - Project & API Product

- Internship - Project & Product Manager- Product Launch

- Internship - Product Manager OEM

- Internship - Marketing Data Scientist

- Internship - Product Marketing Manager

- Internship - e-commerce Project Manager


Offers (jobs)

- Sales Administration Officer

- International Sales Assistant

- Benelux Sales Manager

- Display Manager Paid Social Media

- Senior Product Manager

- Product Marketing Manager

Seeked profiles
Are you interested to recruit international students who are French beginners ? (for which positions ? in which countries ?)

All our opportunities are open to international profiles. At Netatmo, we represent more than 20 different nationalities and we speak many languages.

Do you recruit for internships/job positions outside France? No
Number of offer (internships) 17
Number of offer (jobs) 20
Recruitment process

No defined procedure, it depends on the position.

Perspective / Career evolution

Lots of opportunities up for grabs in such a fast growing company!

Entry level salary
Graduate program

Personalized message to students

Message If you are looking to contribute the Smart Home revolution and invest 110% of your energy (and have fun at the same time) in an adventure which is going to change the way we live then show us what you have got to make the difference.